Hivemind improv training…

  • Transforms your team into a tight-knit group of friends

  • Attracts customers to you and your message

  • Inspires loyalty and enthusiasm in those who work for you

  • Helps your employees feel like superheroes!

How does it work?

  • Relaxed and fun workshops packed with improv theatre games

  • Good for 5 - 60 participants

  • 60-90 minute classes, either standalone or in 6-part courses

  • Led by 1 or 2 of Hivemind’s experienced improv coaches

  • We need nothing but a room big enough for us all to move around in!

Hivemind’s trainers joined us to facilitate an improv skills workshop as part of our London Paediatrics conference in 2019. Hivemind’s workshop was the talk of the conference – attendees raved about the entertaining exercises, which got everyone out of their seats and connecting with one another, while giving them a new perspective on how to foster a great team culture in the workplace. Participants learnt lots of tips to take away and implement in their workplaces to improve working relationships. The workshop was a fantastic addition to the conference, and I would recommend it to others as a useful training tool.
— Priyen, Health Education England
I’ve experienced Isla do her magic at an improv workshop at the Crossmodalism community last weekend, helping us overcome our “not for me”-zone with her warm, open and non-forcing attitude. It was a new and valuable experience for me, ending in seamlessly easy weird and wonderful co-created storytelling with someone we had never met before. Something I’d never believed happening at the start of the session! I took away a whole bunch of techniques to apply in other creative settings. Can only recommend it! Thanks!
— Charlotte, Crossmodalism

Transform your team with corporate improv training

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For decades, top comedians and actors have trained in improvisational theatre to rise to the top of their game: making their audiences laugh, or moving them to passion. And today, improv comedy training is recognised as a powerful and flexible tool for professional soft skills development. The mindset and skills that improv comedians cultivate to generate onstage magic are just as valuable when taken to the workplace. Some of these skills, such as creativity, quick thinking, and the art of storytelling, are easy to recognise. But we also work to cultivate more subtle abilities which are just as important: generosity, communication skills, and acceptance of vulnerability and failure. Whether you’re a salesperson, a leader, or someone who wants to inspire their colleagues and expand their network of influence, mastering the skills used by improv comedians will take you where you want to go.

Corporate Improv Training | One on ones

Hivemind’s corporate improv trainers have, on average, six years’ experience not just performing but teaching improv at all levels: young and old, beginner and advanced, doctors and management consultants. We’ve developed several light-hearted and accessible workshops targeting different key soft skills.

We can cater for anywhere between 5 and 40 participants. We’re able to travel anywhere in the UK to deliver a session on your premises; all we require is a decently sized room and 60-90 minutes of your participants’ time. Alternatively, we can arrange for your team to visit us in a theatre rehearsal space in London.

For working groups looking to take their performance to the next level, we offer 6-part courses which dig more deeply into the mindset of an improv troupe. We’ll introduce new concepts each week, along with exercises to reinforce new mindsets between workshops, promoting measurable differences in your team’s culture by the end of the course.

By the end of the session, you and your team will have been introduced to some of the skills and mindsets that top entertainers use onstage. You’ll have taken part in games and exercises which put these soft skills into immediate practice. You’ll have been given a set of simple tools which you can immediately apply to carry their new mindsets back into the workplace. And finally, you’ll have had a hilarious and unforgettable team building experience, bringing your team closer together. Don’t waste your next training day sleeping through PowerPoints - set it alight with a day of improv comedy!

My greatest takeaway is that a lot of people have abilities that are hidden, and through playing and improvisation, a lot of skills come out that you wouldn’t expect people to have. You discover a very different side to your friends, and even to yourself! It was exactly what we all needed to give us a confidence and energy boost that kept us all smiling for the rest of the day.
— Katerina, London Paediatric Trust

Corporate Improv Training Programmes

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Magnetic Salesmanship

Sell your story before your product

Gain the trust and loyalty of your customers

Create authentic connection with just about anybody

Perfect for sales teams, PR teams, and client-facing employees

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Team building workshops

Get your team connecting authentically and playfully

Establish positive and effective communication methods

Boost your team’s happiness, enthusiasm, and productivity

Perfect for newly merged or acquired teams, graduate schemes, and teams with a tired or unproductive culture

Corporate Improv Training | Isla leads the team.jpg

Improv for Executives

Inspire loyalty and enthusiasm in your teams

Help each of your employees feel like heroes

Become a mentor, not just a manager

Perfect for managers, executives, and community leaders

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Improv for Flexibility

Create a team that thrives in unpredictability

Let go of overpreparation

Learn to see obstacles as opportunities

Perfect for change management, pitching, and public speaking

After doing the Hivemind session, all of a sudden I see my colleagues in a different light. I feel a lot more comfortable, and I’m smiling at everyone during the coffee breaks. We feel a lot more like a team, really relaxed and happy, reading physical cues and having more eye contact. At the end of the conference, I heard so many people still talking to each other about the fun games we’d all played. So thank you so much, Hivemind, for a wonderful workshop!
— Afaf, Smile! Conference

Our team

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Dr Alex O’Bryan-Tear

Alex’s career as an improvised comedy coach began 10 years ago with “Superhero Academy”, a theatre programme that taught 7-12 year-olds how to make things up on the spot. He went on to train many generations of aspiring Cambridge University student comedians, with the Cambridge Impronauts. Five years ago, he embarked on his most challenging task yet: using improv to unlock a playful, creative, and confident mindset in working teams. Since then, he’s brought the fun and freedom of the stage to doctors, managers, and business consultants. With a background in research psychology, he takes care to ground his improv games and exercises in evidence from the cutting edge of this field!


Isla Suddek

Isla is an expert speaker on social freedom, NLP practitioner and creator of her tried and tested approach on the art of communication. Isla has worked with a variety of companies including Your Charisma Coach, WeWork and the London Shyness Group, and has performed on stages across the UK. Isla has now coached hundreds of Londoners on their social confidence using her interactive workshops and trainings.

Alex and Isla recently ran a team-building workshop at our well-being conference at the Royal Free Hospital. It was very well received. I know from chatting to people afterwards how amazed they were by the success of the activities. People who didn’t know each other felt comfortable, chatted away and did things they never thought they’d do!! I even started to believe that I should give up my day job and be a stand-up comedian. Many thanks to Alex and Isla!
— Sophie, NHS Royal Free