Telepathic Teams:

TEam building workshops

  • Get your team connecting authentically and playfully

  • Establish positive and effective communication methods

  • Boost your team’s happiness, enthusiasm, and productivity

Perfect for newly merged or acquired teams, graduate schemes, and teams with a tired or unproductive culture

Corporate Improv Training | Pair work

The culture of a company – its social environment, its norms, and its working atmosphere – is one of its most important assets. A positive culture, where employees feel nurtured, respected, and included, has been argued to double the revenue and quadruple the profit of a typical company. Improving your company’s culture can in a single stroke increase employee productivity, increase the effectiveness of your sales team, and improve employee retention. Every large company has woken up to this and has taken steps to sculpt a more positive culture. But the path from knowing what your company culture should be and allow your employees to genuinely feel and live it every day is a difficult one.

Corporate improv training is the ideal vehicle to shake up any team’s culture and get them working better together. There’s no better way to break down boundaries and foster close and playful relationships with one another. Hivemind gets its name from its members’ ability to work together on stage in perfect harmony, achieving an “almost telepathic” connection (London Theatre 1). But we are only able to achieve this magic through constantly training together. In this team building workshop, we share with you some of the communication skills we’ve learned to help us work together seamlessly.

Don’t waste one more day on a tired, unproductive company culture which is silently leeching away your productivity, happiness, and revenue. In just 1 - 3 hours we’ll transform your working group from a roomful of individuals into a true hivemind!

After doing the Hivemind session, all of a sudden I see my colleagues in a different light. I feel a lot more comfortable, and I’m smiling at everyone during the coffee breaks. We feel a lot more like a team, really relaxed and happy, reading physical cues and having more eye contact. At the end of the conference, I heard so many people still talking to each other about the fun games we’d all played. So thank you so much, Hivemind, for a wonderful workshop!
— Afaf, Smile! Conference