Stick and Twisted

Hivemind | Stick and Twisted

In one of Hivemind’s beloved early shows, two directors compete to win the audience’s heart. Each director in turn sets the scene for a brand-new story, based on audience suggestions, and lets it run. At the end of each scene, the audience vote either to stick (see the next scene) or twist (end the story and let the other director take charge). The result may be lots of quickfire sketches or a feature length saga – it’s up to you!

This highly flexible show, running anywhere between 15 and 90 minutes, strikes a balance between a feature length and sketch show format. Only a small performance space is required, and no tech is necessary, making it ideal as a piece of unique wedding entertainment. We can also perform single rounds, of roughly 15 minutes, at a time, makings it easy to slot in between courses of a meal. Or, if you’re looking for unusual corporate entertainment, it’s the perfect pick-me-up between speakers in a day of presentations!

“Absolutely brilliant in concept and execution and really fabulous to watch.”

-London Theatre 1

I found it really impressive how they were able to take really disconnected suggestions and weave a story out of nothing. You spend half your time trying to figure out how they can be coming up with jokes so quickly, and the other half laughing too hard to care!
— Alistair O.