Unusual Party Entertainment Ideas

A Hivemind show is…

  • Packed with laughs

  • Personalised to your event

  • Guaranteed to be completely one of a kind!

Hivemind’s improv comedy shows make the perfect entertainment for all kinds of occasions. If you’re looking for unusual corporate entertainment or unique wedding entertainment, an improv comedy show is an unforgettable addition to your evening! With a great deal of flexibility in what we do, we can work with you to generate a range of unusual party entertainment ideas, for a completely personalised experience that your guests will never forget.

Out technical requirements are minimal; we’ve performed everywhere from the corner of bars to 500-person auditoriums. Fully improvised music and singing can be thrown into the mix, provided there’s room for a piano!

Hivemind are based in London, but can consider travelling anywhere in the UK.

Hivemind were completely original. They all seemed to be so well co-ordinated in how they did things. It honestly looked like magic sometimes. We’ve seen them several times and it never gets boring because it’s a new show every time!
— Ben S. and Anna O.
Hivemind joined the Boomtown line-up to play an elite security team, interfering with punters who were playing a festival-wide team game. They were a side-splittingly funny addition to the game, chasing punters across the festival site and taking them to a top-secret interrogation room. I was blown away by their constant energy and inventiveness - everyone who took part had great things to say about them!
— Martin, Producer, Boomtown Fair 2018

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Our shows

Hivemind | Brainstorm


A classic quickfire sketch show format, similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Length: 5 - 90 mins; can split

Requirements: Performance area

Audience participation: High

Hivemind Improv | Improv Comedy Shows

Feature length Event Entertainment

An engrossing feature performance during your night

Length: 45 - 75 mins; can include interval

Requirements: Large stage; ideally stage lights

Audience participation: Low

Hivemind | Stick and Twisted

Stick and Twisted

A genre-spinning improv roulette to add to your event

Length: 15 - 60 mins; can split

Requirements: Performance area

Audience participation: Medium


Immersive performance

Bring an extra level of depth to your themed event that your guests will never forget

Length: 1 - 4 hrs; runs for length of evening

Requirements: None

Audience participation: High

I found it really impressive how they were able to take really disconnected suggestions and weave a story out of nothing. You spend half your time trying to figure out how they can be coming up with jokes so quickly, and the other half laughing too hard to care!
— Alistair O.