• Sell your story before your product

  • Gain the trust and loyalty of your customers

  • Create authentic connection with just about anybody

Perfect for sales teams, PR teams, and client-facing employees

In an era increasingly saturated with cheap sales messages and attempts to persuade, the value of a quality sales pitch is higher than ever. Authenticity and connection with potential customers is the only thing that matters. But unfortunately, everybody knows this, and companies’ attempts to brand themselves as authentic are getting more and more advanced. That’s why your sales force must be able to communicate their passion and sincerity in a way that stands out from the crowd to have any chance of success.

Corporate improv training provides a fresh and engaging route into soft skills development, combining communication skills with the art of storytelling. When Hivemind steps onto the stage, we have no script and no safety net; only an ironclad confidence in our ability to make the audience laugh. Anything less than wholehearted commitment to what we do, and our fragile world falls apart.

Group crouching.png

In this 1 - 3 hour team building workshop, we’ll break down exactly how we make this magic happen so consistently. We’ll discuss the basics of body language, and put it immediately into practice through exercises that push you to project confidence and authority in the most extreme circumstances. We’ll show you the importance of tapping in to emotion to convey authenticity and draw everybody into your world. And will demonstrate how the most magnetic and convincing people are the ones that display their vulnerability, and wear their weaknesses on their sleeve.

In today’s crowded and jostling environment, you are missing out on sales every time you fail to distinguish yourselves from the noise around you. By using simple and powerful lessons from improvised theatre, your sales force will become confident and sincere apostles of your brand, inspiring devotion in your customers.

My greatest takeaway is that a lot of people have abilities that are hidden, and through playing and improvisation, a lot of skills come out that you wouldn’t expect people to have. You discover a very different side to your friends, and even to yourself! It was exactly what we all needed to give us a confidence and energy boost that kept us all smiling for the rest of the day.
— Katerina, London Paediatric Trust