Improv for flexibility

  • Create a team that thrives in unpredictability

  • Let go of overpreparation

  • Learn to see obstacles as opportunities

Perfect for change management, pitching, and public speaking

Change and disruption is an inevitability in any line of business. Productivity means nothing without agility; the ability to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. But Hivemind’s trainers will take your team one step further than agility, into ‘antifragility’. Antifragility is the ability not just to cope with unpredictable environments, but to actively thrive in them.

We’ve all met the kinds of people who seem to come to life in the most high-pressure and volatile situations. People who don’t just adapt to change in a flash, but manage to instantly take advantage of new opportunities; who have the insight to abandon old plans as soon as necessary and devise new strategies on the fly, ensuring that they remain one step ahead of everyone else. Perhaps you're that kind of person already. Or perhaps you're not, and you don't think you ever could be. But nothing could be further from the truth. With improv comedy training, you and your whole team could be antifragile. Once you know you can deal with situations that throw your script out the window, you will grow to love the unexpected, as it enables you to show off your greatest strengths. Our 1-3 training programme will give your working group the confidence and resourceful needed to become masters of chaos!

Alex and Isla recently ran a team-building workshop at our well-being conference at the Royal Free Hospital. It was very well received. I know from chatting to people afterwards how amazed they were by the success of the activities. People who didn’t know each other felt comfortable, chatted away and did things they never thought they’d do!! I even started to believe that I should give up my day job and be a stand-up comedian. Many thanks to Alex and Isla!
— Sophie, NHS Royal Free