Inspiring Leadership:

Improv for executives

  • Inspire loyalty and enthusiasm in your teams

  • Help each of your employees feel like heroes

  • Become a mentor, not just a manager

Perfect for managers, executives, and community leaders

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Nothing polarises a team quite as much as its leader. Good leaders inspire devotion in their workers, while bad leaders suck the enthusiasm out of teams instantly.

Good leadership means something very different to improvisers than it does to the typical working team. Our one-shot workshop will, in just 60-90 minutes, show you how improvisers are able to lead through collaboration, empathy, and yielding centre stage to others. Those who undergo the entire six-week immersion programme will have the chance to develop these ideas further, discovering some paradoxical truths of leadership. The best way of attaining respect and authority is to give it away. The best way of inspiring confidence is to be open and even celebratory of your weaknesses. And the best way to get your team working for you is to be their humble servant. Putting all these skills together, you won’t just be a manager of your employees anymore; you’ll be a mentor to those you serve!

The Programme

1.      The Supportive Leader

2.      Embrace your Weakness

3.      Respect Everyone

4.      Lead from the Back

5.      Create Heroes

6.      Mentors and Masters

Hivemind’s trainers joined us to facilitate an improv skills workshop as part of our London Paediatrics conference in 2019. Hivemind’s workshop was the talk of the conference – attendees raved about the entertaining exercises, which got everyone out of their seats and connecting with one another, while giving them a new perspective on how to foster a great team culture in the workplace. Participants learnt lots of tips to take away and implement in their workplaces to improve working relationships. The workshop was a fantastic addition to the conference, and I would recommend it to others as a useful training tool.
— Priyen, Health Education England