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Planning a themed wedding, and need some unique wedding entertainment that will bring it to life? Or perhaps your town hall meeting could do with some unusual corporate entertainment, which engages your delegates directly? Whatever themed event you’re planning, Hivemind will work with you to devise a cast of characters to roam around, engaging guests and bringing the theme to life. We’ve been challenged to play everything from computer viruses at a technology themed ball, to Peter Pan characters in Neverland. This exciting and unusual party entertainment idea will break the ice, engage your guests, and ensure your night is never forgotten!

Hivemind joined the Boomtown line-up to play an elite security team, interfering with punters who were playing a festival-wide team game. They were a side-splittingly funny addition to the game, chasing punters across the festival site and taking them to a top-secret interrogation room. I was blown away by their constant energy and inventiveness - everyone who took part had great things to say about them!
— Martin, Producer, Boomtown Fair 2018